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Baby Stretches


Initial Consultation & Treatment - £55 - 30 minutes

Follow up appointments - £55 - 30 minutes

Every parent’s priority is to provide the best environment to support their child’s health as they develop and grow. Osteopathic practice is safe and effective. Research has shown that people trust their osteopath and are extremely satisfied by their experience of osteopathic care. This provides parents confidence in the level of care their children can expect to receive.

Children’s requirements differ depending on the stage of their development. As they grow from infants, toddlers, children to teenagers, your osteopath will consider your child’s individual needs, age and stage of development, and adapt their advice and treatment accordingly. You do not need to consult your GP before you visit an osteopath, although you may wish to do so.

When you first visit an osteopath, you’ll be asked about the reason you have brought your child and their medical history. For babies and young children, this may include information about their birth. A Your osteopath will complete a thorough examination to determine if osteopathic care can support your child’s health.


Laura is our Paediatric Osteopath here at Carshalton. During her undergraduate training she developed a keen interest in pre and post natal osteopathic care, which led to her further developing her skills with postgraduate training. Laura specialises in treating newborns, paediatric musculoskeletal complaints and women's health complaints.

Laura uses very gentle hands-on techniques which are particularly suitable for assessing and treating babies and young children

Appointments for children aged 0-6 years are with Laura.


All our Osteopath's here at Carshalton treat Children age 6+. Children, like adults, can be affected by general joint and muscle issues, which is one of the reasons people visit an osteopath. Parents will also take their children to visit an osteopath for a variety of other health reasons that may benefit from osteopathic care.

As osteopathic care is based on the individual needs of the patient, it will vary depending on your child’s age and the diagnosis. Osteopaths generally use a wide range of gentle hands-on techniques that focus on releasing tension, improving mobility and optimising function. This is often used together with exercise and helpful advice.

We also treat a number of young sports people, helping them overcome and prevent injury as they journey through their sporting career. Jessica & Colette both found their love for Osteopathy when they were treated here at Carshalton for sports-related injury; both competing in football & gymnastics respectively at elite level. Colette works with sports teams outside of clinic, supporting many young players in elite pathways. Over the years many of these have gone on to become professional players, and some have been selected to represent teams at county, national and international level. 

Children under 16 must have a parent/guardian attend appointments with them. 

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